High energy efficiency
Reduce material consumption
Ultra low electrical resistance / High power density
Renewable energy sources capability / D.C Power
No magnetic interference
Fit for all utensil material
Versatility in designs & applications
  Benefit NanoHeat Conventional Heater
Material Reduction
A few grams of material in its construction Up to 1kg of metal in induction coil construction for cookware appliances
Energy Saving:
High Efficiency
5oC/s (300oC/min) and up to 20oC/s

99% energy efficiency in dynamic heat transfer / 90% in static heat transfer
75-85% energy efficiency in IH; 65-75% energy efficiency in radiant heating
High Performance:
Capable for D.C & Renewable Energy Sources
Ultra low electrical resistance; able to be driven by battery & D.C. power

Make it portable
Generally high electrical resistance

Unable to make it portable
Variety of Designs & Applications:
No Magnetic Interference
Nano Thickness for Design
Comply to medical & therapy devices, laboratory & military equipment and automotives & aerospace applications Not compatible due to magnetic interference